About M & H

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Two girls from West Africa.  Melissa Blake from Sierra Leone (loud) &  Huguette Lawson from Togo (shy),  grew up with the influence of all things African, with a dash of European flavour.  Both dreamers.  One fluent in English, the other French.

Today we are friends living in London, who share a dream of  celebrating our heritage through our hair work.  We are heavily influenced by the diverse African hair styles we grew up seeing.
Our expertise lie in kinky, coily, curly African Hair.

Whatever your hair story, you will love our consultative service.

We are Certified Sisterlocks® Consultants who also provide a Bespoke Locking Service (from small to larger size locks).
We are Flat Twist Experts who do not Canerow.
We Thread & Install Single Braids & Kinky Twist Extensions.
We work from wet because African Hair needs water.

We love splashes of  vintage when creating Bespoke Contemporary Styles.

What makes others come to The Chair?  It’s easy to say how ‘good’ we are but the test is in the experience.

We share hair journey’s here and on Facebook

It’s all in the feeling you get, when we touch your hair.

Thank you for visiting our blog Good People, it has been designed to inform, inspire & celebrate Our African Hair, for we are the only race of people whose hair grows towards the sun!


36 thoughts on “About M & H

  1. I absolutely love the poetry… I am so jealous that you cannot touch my hair, that I live here in the states… I want you to touch my hair 🙂

  2. I’ll make sure your hands touch mine once I visit London, I love cornrows, currently, I’M taking a break from locks…God bless-from a proud South African

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  4. Hello, do you create locs for those who have alopecia? The area around my crown has gradually become bald after chemotherapy; whilst other areas of my hair is strong. I have a wonderful loctician who comes to my home and has created a mesh of locs to cover the baldness but I need a salon where I can get professional treatments, steams etc to care for my hair on a long term basis.

  5. Hello Melissa and Huguette!

    I regularly follow your awesome Blog and would love the work that you both do! I would be thrilled to include you in a feature I’m doing, listing the Top 20 UK Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers.

    I will soon be starting a website that will sell natural hair products based in both the US and UK at affordable prices, as well as write exciting articles on hair, interviews and features. We currently follow each other on Instagram, my name is NaturalBarnet 🙂

    If you would be interested, please reply to my email provided by May 31st. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll take it you don’t wish to be featured 😦

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Keep It Natural,

    Afua 🙂

  6. Hi M&H

    Hope you are well.
    I sent you an email a few days ago to arrange a consultation and styling session. Please let me know when you’ll be available .

  7. Hey ladies, I sent you guys an email several weeks regarding the parting size i a pic i had attached but i never got a reply. Considering having my hair done that size.

  8. Please could you advise as to your availability regarding a consultation for sisterlocks. I’ve been looking for a proficient Loctician and I think I’ve found one in your salon!!

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