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All Locks Sizes Are Welcome. šŸ˜Š
Questions, Questions, Questions

#LocksCareUK Workshop
Hosted by M&H
Saturday 27th May 2017
Limited Spaces Available
Touch. Listen. Support.

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Workshop Participant’s Testimonial.

The work shop was a wonderful experience! I shared an intimate space with fellow loc’d up sisters, at various stages of their sister lock journey.

Hughette and Melissa made the experience really enjoyable due to their personality’s, passion and abundance of knowledge.
I felt free to discuss my own sister lock journey and any concerns I had that I did not feel able to discuss otherwise.
The ladies took time to look ‘through’ my hair and give advice on what was noticed.

What I really valued was being empowered and equipped with tools to discuss those concerns with my consultant. In an amicable way that would benefit both of us.

Hughette and Melissa upheld confidentiality of the members by ensuring it was a ‘no consultant zone!’ This allowed me to fully express myself.

All in all, a wonderful experience and I will be back for more workshops!


Participant’s TestimonialĀ 

Today’s workshop was a lovely event. The session ran smoothly with the opportunity to share our experiences, ask questions Ā and find solutions.
I left the session happy and more knowledgeable on how to navigate through my sister lock journey.

Thank you for putting this event on & I look forward to more events in the future.. Well done! NSW X

Participant’s TestimonialĀ 

The workshop was very interesting and informative.
I’ve learned a lot of things about locs and how to maintain them. The fact that we were all had or wanted to have locs made it a safe place to talk about issues we experienced.

I’d recommend this workshop to anyone looking for answers regarding their locs. Well done M&H for creating this much needed space.

I. H

Participant’s TestimonialĀ 

M&H today’s workshop was priceless! I must say I prefer this smaller venue which was more intimate.
It was great to hear others sharing their hair journey and how personal it is for everyone.
I feel really blessed to have found M&H after hearing the others today.
Thank you for sharing your passion with us and for caring about our natural hair. I still can’t believe the experiences others are having! Seriously?! Really?! I learnt a lot from the individual hair surgery….. #DensLocks xx

Participant’s Testimonial

Melissa and Huguette

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and effort in today’s event.
I feel I’ve learnt sooo much in such a short space of time. It’s the first time that I’ve been in a place where I’ve been able to meet so many microlocked ladies at different stages in the journey. To touch everyone’s hair and hear everyone’s experiences!
It was such a good workshop.
Thank you sooo much for the experience and knowledge.
Thank you.

V. Moi x

Participant’s TestimonialĀ 

Hi M&H,
I was so happy to finally meet you both today after years of listening to Lace sing your praises.
I had fun today, it was very enlightening to see all the different hair, and learn about the different issues than can develop.

However I feel very privileged to have been included. I was always elated about my hair, but I’m even more so now, and will put into practice all I learnt today.
Once again thank you!!

Marcia L.


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