Watch “#RosisLocks – Small Locks Created on Thin Strands With Loose Curls” on YouTube

Hair Type: Light, Thin, Soft & Smooth Strands, Very Loose Curls, Low Density #RosisLocks. 

Hair Style: Small Locks Installation

Results: Maximum Fullness
             Body & Movement.

Bespoke Hair Styles Says…

Follicles 1st, Styling 2nd.
African Hair is Strong Hair.
Each head of Locks is different.
Everyone’s curly strands are different.
The right hands grow your hair.

M&H are African Hair Specialists who care for all lock sizes and  we are now Ex Certified SisterlocksĀ® Consultants who believe each of us has a responsibility to stay the expert in our hair.

Based East of London/Tip of Essex. UK
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